Portfolio Investor Services

This course presents a collection of services from around the world to give you a better overview of the many, many options to help established investors grow and thrive. Attendees will be inspired and enthused to implement  some of the best practices locally.

The course will benefit:

  • Promotion agencies and economic development organisations looking to learn from peers.
  • Business Development Managers keen to offer move value to their clients with the resources they have.
  • Policy makers seeking a better understanding of what else could they do locally to retain investors.
  • Researchers, think tanks and academia keen to explore new options for economic development.

Learning outcomes:

  • Inspiration of many services that could be implemented locally.
  • A better understanding of the type of services that clients value the most.
  • Enthusiasm about the many options that are available locally and that could be mobilised as part of the FDI service offer.
  • And much more.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of FDI and / or work experience within the FDI sector.

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