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Carolina Arriagada Peters
Managing Director
Cities & Collaboration

My Story

As a former FDI practitioner, I had to figure out how to help investors achieve new heights all by myself, as there were no courses back then. Now as a consultant, I have made it my mission to help practitioners and policy makers achieve impact faster.

I devoted hundreds of hours to learning, asking, researching and figuring out easy models to help my clients grow faster.  It was they who encouraged me to share my knowledge in the form of courses, to help them every step of the way.  And here we are. These courses will save you hours of googling and of reading reports and equip you with shortcuts so that you can focus on creating more jobs and increasing the impact foreign investors bring to your host economy. 

Enjoy the journey to becoming the leader your host economy needs you to be.


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Jack Lee

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What Our Students Have to Say

“Loved the building blocks approach. The introductory remarks were very relevant to enable us understand the basis for seriously taking aftercare as a key tool to investor retention and attraction of green investment.
Head of Strategy Unit
“Very informative and insightful. It saves me many hours of research and looking for information in the internet. I wish I had taken these courses years ago.”
European Senior Practioner
“The command of the subject, and the ability to explain something complex in depth with ease was just outstanding.”
CEO, National IPA
“The practical examples and global experiences shared by Aftercare practitioners were very useful."
From Regional IPA, Latam

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Learn today how to develop a mindset that will both support investors and increase the benefit of FDI to your host economy.

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