Policy Advocacy Units

This explains the why, how and what of running a Policy Advocacy Unit and manage successful policy campaigns. It is a practice-oriented course that provides hand-on tools to manage a projects and teams involved with the different types of advocacy.

The course will benefit:

  • Promotion agencies and economic development organisations that have or are considering setting up a Policy Advocacy Unit.
  • Public sector officials to work increase competitiveness by working with foreign investors.
  • Chambers of Commerce and sector associations who collaborate with the public and public sector in advancing advocacy projects.
  • Researchers, think tanks and academia keen to work more closely with the FDI industry.
  • Journalists keen to understand how the the FDI industry does advocacy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Learn how advocacy works
  • Understand how to manage an advocacy campaign
  • Assess whether to  embark on advocacy campaign or not
  • And much more.

The pandemic has brought policy at the forefront of both business and politics. This course offers all the tools needed to ignite advocacy work and to manage  successful advocacy teams..

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