Gender Advancement

With organisations all over the world looking into how to advance gender equality, the role of FDI is one that still needs to be further investigated and that could offer opportunities to build more sustainable societies.

The course will benefit:

  • FDI practitioners and economic developers keen to introduce a gender perspective to their work.
  • Gender advocates looking to understand the FDI sector better and how they could contribute to creating joint projects.
  • Public officials responsible for gender policies keen to expand their work to other sectors.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the economic value of gender inclusion.
  • Identify transfer mechanisms and how these affect different industry sectors.
  • Best practices from around the world.
  • And much more.

Foreign investors bring new practices, technology and culture to the countries they invest in and can play an increasing role in supporting gender advancement for the benefit of the host economy.


Prerequisite: Knowledge of FDI and / or work experience within the FDI sector.

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