Framework Advocacy

This course looks at the importance of improving the investment climate as a key component of both investment attraction and retention. This course looks at the theory of advocacy and at how to design an ongoing dialogue with investors that feeds policy and drives innovation.

The course will benefit:

  • Promotion agencies and economic development organisations keen to increase their advocacy impact.
  • Public sector officials keen to work increase competitiveness.
  • Chambers of Commerce and sector associations who collaborate with the public and public sector in advancing advocacy projects.
  • Researchers, think tanks and academia keen to work more closely with the FDI industry.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand why investment climate is an asset.
  • Identify what investors need to thrive.
  • Assess whether to  embark on advocacy campaign or not
  • Learn how to increase the impact of advocacy.
  • And much more.

The World Bank recognises that policy advocacy is key for economic recovery and places it among the top priorities in the FDI industry. This course offers all the tools needed to ignite advocacy work and to run successful advocacy projects.

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