Ecosystem Engagement

It takes a whole ecosystem to nurture foreign investors. Promotion agencies rely deeply on the support of the local business community to help support and retain the foreign investors.  This course explores the building blocks of efficient ecosystem engagement to support FDI.

The course will benefit:

  • Strategy teams looking to design partnerships to ignite FDI delivery.
  • Start-up sectors looking to work more closely with foreign investors.
  • Sector associations keen to participate in the value creation that investors bring locally.
  • think tanks, NGOs and academia looking to establish collaboration with promotion agencies.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the most common partnership drivers.
  • Identify corporate agendas and best practices on how to weave agendas together.
  • Hear about best ecosystem engagement practices from around the world.
  • And much more.

Ecosystem affairs is a growing area of interest of host economies keen to expand the spill-over from FDI and create thriving business communities around established foreign investors.

Prerequisite: Knowledge of FDI and / or work experience within the FDI sector.

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