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Download here: Workbook Introduction to Aftercare

Reading list:

1.Investment Aftercare Explained. A Guide for FDI Practitioners and Policymakers on How to Grow and Retain Investors By Carolina Arriagada Peters, David Coble, Toby X. Li, Brendan Lewis.  Order here: Investment Aftercare Explained: A Guide for FDI Practitioners and Poli (

2.UNCTAD, 2007. Aftercare: A Core Function in Investment Promotion. [Online] Available at:

3. OECD, 2018. Mapping of investment promotion agencies in OECD countries. [Online] Available at:

4.Sanchiz, A. & Omic, A, 2020. State of Investment Promotion Agencies: Evidence from WAIPA-WBG’s Joint Global Survey. World Bank, Washington, DC. WAIPA (World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies), Geneva. [Online] Available at:

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